“Zach Larmer has been making some real strides in the Miami music community...Hailing from Philadelphia, he has an unusual vision and drive, and has been kicking ass with and without the guitar ever since.”
- Miami New Times

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“The compositions are excellent and Larmer's playing has that riveting quality that makes people pay close attention...Inner Circle is a studio recording, it's true, but one that encompasses the unbridled vigor, gift of chemistry and profound impulsiveness of a live recording.” 
-All About Jazz

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“Everyone is on their A-game...This cat is here to open your ears like they haven't been in quite some time.”
 - Midwest Record
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“Larmer injects an encyclopedia-like knowledge into his sonic creations — a calculative technique that smacks you square in the face and wakes you up out of whatever trance you had fallen into.”
- Miami Arts and Entertainment District

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“In listening to Inner Circle, one is struck immediately by the originality of Zach Larmer’s tone and style...An impressive set by a guitarist who has started his recording career on a high level.” 
- Scott Yanow, Jazz Historian

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“The album doesn’t fall victim to the emotional stiffness one grows accustomed to in other examples of self-proclaimed 'math-music.' The performances are interactive and organic, and the tunes always maintain a foot-tapping groove throughout.”
- Miami Arts Review
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“Genius shows itself when sophistication is made accessible. This is what the Zach Larmer Electric Band has managed to do on this album.” 

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“Zach Larmer is a bright new star on the jazz scene with an absolutely smoking debut album.”
Jazz Views
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