Comes in a beautifully printed digipack with notes,
album art, and the story behind the creation of Inner Circle

The Inner Circle Story

I became interested in the concept behind this record years ago, when I read a commencement address by Kurt Vonnegut. He spoke about how historically, we’ve lived with our extended families our whole lives in a clan-like setting. We were surrounded by people who we knew deeply, and who we could rely upon.  

Moving away from our families at 18, or even younger is a recent societal trend. Kurt recognized the necessity of creating a synthetic family, in order to fulfill our biological desire for closeness with others.  

I’ve been fascinated with this concept ever since, and I’ve felt a drive to be a part of a sub-community of like-minded individuals ever since I arrived here in Miami. As this has come to fruition over the past few years, it has become fully evident to me just how powerful this concept is.  

What Kurt spoke of goes far beyond stemming the tide of loneliness. As people’s lives collide, we meet many, get to know some, and fall deeply entwined with a certain few, and with their support, the possibilities are endless. This project was born solely through collaboration with these people that I am so blessed and honored to call my Inner Circle. 
- ZL